In what appeared to be a major setback to the pageant organizers, two of the title winners of recently held ‘Mrs Arunachal 2018’ on Saturday decided to return their respective tittles protesting against the organizing committee have alleged mismanagement.

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Organized by the NGOs, Abu Ane Multipurpose Society and Muskaan Women Foundation, the 7th edition of Mrs Arunachal 2018 was held at Dorjee Khandu State Convention Centre, Itanagar. Protesting against the manner how the members of organizing committee allegedly treated with the contestants after the pageant’s gala event, the ‘unhappy’ ladies duo – Uma Natung Rimo and Jingchang Chai came forward to return their respective tittles, claiming that the committee members had unfairly treated them.

Addressing the media persons at APC here, Uma Natung Rimo, who bagged the third runner-up prize and best costume title, highlighted on their decision to return the titles saying the Organizing Committee allegedly treated them inhumanly. “I am returning my titles to the organizers as a mark of protest against their inhuman behavior and also the manner how the entire event was conducted,” Natung said, adding that one of the members had told her that she was given the 3rd runner up title out of mercy and she was not fit for any title.

“I want to know from the organizing committee why I was given the 3rd runner up title if I was not at all in the race or deserve the same,” Natung asserted, adding that she was also accused of instigating the other contestants against the committee. Armed with an audio clip purportedly sent by one of the committee members wherein she was threatening Uma Natung to strip off from the 3rd runner up title, she decried that the post event accusation and intimidation by one of the organizing members was intolerable and frustrating.

Jingchang Chai, winner of 2nd runner up in Mrs Classic, also returned her title protesting against the committee. Claiming that her points were unfairly deducted by the committee for walking in the ramp with her son, Chai said that she walked in the ramp with her son only after she sought permission from the committee. Reportedly, both the contestants were not even given their cash prizes rather they were handed over ‘empty’ envelopes.

While questioning on the legitimacy of 70-30 point marking ratio framed by the committee, the duo claimed that point marking system was designed in such a manner that judges had less roles to play. “It was more or less fixed one, as the committee had 70 percent mark share while the judges were given only 30 points. It was utterly unfair,” Natung alleged.

While condemning the ‘development’, former general secretary of East Kameng Women Welfare Organisation Pooza Sonam Notung stated that the district will not send any representative to Mrs Arunachal pageant contest so long as current organizers conduct the event.
“We (WWO) withdraw our support from Abu Ane Multipurpose Society and Mushkaan Women Foundation as a mark of the protest,” Notung said.

Uma Natung Rimo was the official candidate from East Kameng district and the manner how they treated and passed personal comments on the contestants were highly condemnable and intolerable, she stated. She further appealed the both organizations to streamline to conduct such coveted title in future.

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