When the cause of the people lies at the threshold of negligence.

At a time when the public’s remorse against the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016  has reached zenith, the Government’s voicelessness is is blemish to the regional sentiments of the people. Such an attitude of the Government failing to take any concrete steps has led the people to losing its faith in their own representatives. The cries of the people are thus falling on to the deaf ears.

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The Government of the neighbouring states of Meghalaya and Manipur are vibrant instances of how a government owes security and safety to its own people. The announcement made by the Chief Minister of Manipur yesterday just after NEDA meeting  to table a bill for the protection of the indigenous people in the coming Assembly sessions stands a proof to its accountability towards its own people. The Meghalaya Government too proved its liability to the people when the Cabinet stood sternly opposing the Proposed Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016.

While the Government of Assam , with its Assam Accord should have stood staunch against the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016, its mum on the issue is one to be grieved about. The Jatiyanak’s escapist attitude is acting as a farce play of the rooted sentiments of the people.But the Jati Mati Bheti saviour do needs to ponder over that ‘If it were not for the hands, the clock would be useless’. Thus 2019 isn’t far and people are smart enough.

But we are still hopeful that the saviour of Jati Mati Bheti Sarbananda Sonowal will rise from his present slumber for the good will of the people.

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