Manipur Bhavan

The Manipur Government is turning a blind eye to the action of Smt. Memcha Devi Roy in using Kolkata Manipur Bhavan as her personal property by  not taking any action in pertaining to the present condition of Manipur Bhavan, Kolkata. The government is remaining as mere spectator to the machinations and manipulations of Smt. Memcha Devi Roy, with regards to the management of the affairs of Manipur Bhavan Kolkata.

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The Deputy Resident Commissioner, Smt.Memcha Devi Roy has been running the Bhavan on her own whims after the retirement of JRC M. Kiranchand. In fact the Bhavan has become a revenue earner for a handful of people under the leadership of Smt. Memcha Devi Roy. Even the Medical Officer, posted at the Bhavan  is wasting the money of state exchequer for he never performs his duty.

During the tenure of former JRC M. Kiranchand, the whole procedure of the registration to stay in the Bhavan was done by the JRC. The duration of the guest staying at Bhavan was manipulated at the entry register so as to manipulate of room rent for misappropriation.

Bringing in a lots of receipts, the recently promoted DRC, Memcha Devi Roy has also arrived in Imphal to take approval for unaccounted bills. Till date , the DRC has taken at least 15 lakhs on ground  of medical reimbursement. It is astonishing that the proposal was approved without verifying the manipulated receipts and the register full of overwriting.

In this era of IT, the Bhavan still doesn’t have the facility of e-booking. The unavailability of  provision of online facility itself is one of the reasons for enabling fraud in the rent collection.

Kolkata Manipur Bhavan has been running   as if there is no responsible person for the Bhavan. Even though BJP lead Government made a lot of promises to cleanse the corrupt system, there is no change in the Kolkata Manipur Bhavan.

At present Deputy Resident Commissioner (DRC) is given a  free hand in running the Bhavan. In the previous financial year, the sanctioned amounts were for- Painting for a single room costing Rs.39,000/- (Rupees thirtynine thousand) Repairing of AC , Bathroom of CM Suit for Rs.1.5 lakhs. In the meantime she bought 1 screwdriver @ Rs. 500 per piece  and tester @ Rs 500 per piece instead of actual price of Rs.100 per piece.

From early morning till evening is the duty of four/five Bhavan staffs at the resistance of DRC Smt. Memcha Devi Roy at Roy Street Kolkata.
Among the 16 newly contractual recruits of Bhavan Staffs , one is DRC Memcha Devi Roy’s son. Recruitment order was passed on 31st January and salary of the 16 new staffs starts from the nwxt day i.e. 1st February. This is actual loot of state exchequer . It is not possible that DRC Memcha Devi Roy’s reporting date is 10th February after coming back from Imphal.

These mischievous acts are purely in favour of her son. This is beyond the rules.

Further investigation reveals, the attendance registrar for the new staffs (16) starts from 16th February while salary was drawn from 1st February. Question is who is responsible for such an act of fraud. To prevent such fraud, Biometric attendance is the need of the hour.

According to the report, DRC always comes to office after 12 noon everyday. Her son also comes to office in the evening and si6t in an AC room without any duty given to him. On 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th of April her son was present by 5:15pm. To favour of her son,  DRC is unable to control other staffs of the staff properly.

Recently, the three men audit committee came and audited from 2012 and finished it within one week. Since 2012 , there is no audit report for a long time , it is another fantastic way of Governance. The so called akash bill transaction had done many times. Therefore it is high time for investigation by one independent  investigation team.

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