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The Brahma Committee had been constituted by the State Government on February  2017 to adopt policies to protect the land rights of the indigenous people of Assam.  However the committee constituted under the aegis of the former Election Commissioner Hari Shankar  Brahma is now subjected to negligence.

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After thorough interrogation and minute examination,  the Committee submitted its report to the government. The report unveils that the protection of the indigenous people of Assam is on the verge of break as it is under major threat due to influx of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

The reports contained 180 recommendation including suggestions to carry out fresh land survey.

Senior Journalist Mrinal Talukdar’s  show ‘ Vishleshan’ at Pratidin Times acted as a major eye-opener disclosing a number of facts.  The members of the Committee Anil Kumar Bhattacharjya, Rohini Kumar Baruah and Ajay Dutta uncladed their deploy, stating the inconveniences they had to face during the making of the report. The members clearly stated that they were not provided with enough amenities for assistance during the process. The Chairman  Hariprasad Shankar Brahma’s cold response during the process is one that needs to be put under scanner. The members revealed that the report which was supposed to be taken up to the Cabinet and was needed to be raised in the Assembly too received a cold reciprocation from the Chief Minister.

Thus even after four months from the submission of the report,  no heed has been paid to it. CM Sarbananda Sonowal’s vague take on The Citizenship Bill 2016 along with the Brahma Committee has lead to a numerous speculations regarding the fate of the indigenous people of Assam.

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