Eighth Navigation satellite launched

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The launch of a PSLV-C41 rocket carrying India‘s eighth navigation satellite IRNSS-1I from Sriharikota today  was successful. The scientists of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has gone through a tough time when the space agency is struggling to restore the snapped link with its recently launched communication satellite GSAT-6A. The textbook launch of PSLV-C41 took place in four stages and the total time taken for the rocket to put the satellite into the intended orbit was 19 minutes. After the successful mission, ISRO chairman Dr K Sivan, in a press briefing soon after the launch, said, PSLV-C41 precisely injected the eighth navigation satellite of India of the NavIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation) into the targeted orbit. This is the second successful launch achieved in just 14 days after the successful GSLV launch (on March 29). The entire ISRO community worked tirelessly to achieve this success.

Explaining a new feature in the launch vehicle, Dr Sivan said, “We have adopted a new technology called friction stir welding which will improve the productivity and enhance the payload capability of the vehicle.” In the satellite area, the participation of industry has been enhanced this time. And we are slowly moving towards getting the entire satellite and the launch vehicle made from the industry.” Dr Sivan also added that Bengaluru-headquartered Alpha Design Technologies played an active role in the integration of IRNSS-1I satellite.


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