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The nature is all set to welcome the new change for the year again. ‘Bohaag’, the jewel of Axomiya culture had knocked the doorstep of every Assamese . The green vibes made it’s effect with each passing individual. ‘Kuhi’, the cuckoo I named him the previous year when she started her nest behind the tree of my room.  My morning alarms were her carefree spring songs which she shrills at the top of her voice, perched on the high branches of the ‘bokul’. The fresh smells of the nature reminded of those Bihu Akhora days, the sound of the dhul, the melodious voice of the pepa and those fun with my dhulias. And those memories when new patch ups were hopes only within those Bihu Akhora days.

Those days  even counted the bihu huchuris we performed covering almost all the stages of Assam. And reminders even knocked as of those days when I gifted a Gamocha to those dear ones till days today at least  I now just plan for a dress that has trended the markets today. The Bihu program days was a fun alert for every Axomiya till today when Bihu committees  plan to end functions just till 12 midnight. Miss those days when Bihu pandals were the only spot till the morning. Those days were fun when with the onset of Bohaag we rush to music stores to get cassettes which piled up a two sided Bihu songs of Zubeen Da, Krishnomoni da and so many more until today when we subscribe Youtube channels or either tune the FM stations to get the taste of those Bihu songs.

The happiness of those days when Maa takes me to the teacher who trains me a new song for every Bihu season and the ultimate joy to watch the favourite singers live on stages. The hope of receiving the trophy from those favourite bunch of people, whereas today those coverings of news channels faded the joy of those Axomiya hearts. The mornings were so fresh then when I woke up at 5 ‘o’ clock only to steal Kopou fuls and also when the neighbourhood uncle scold me just because I didn’t took his permission. As of those days gave a recall when I use to run towards my village and enjoy the cows bathing and Bortas preparing the paddy fields when today I cannot plan just because the world has so started depending on technologies which cannot even make a start without a human touch. And those months of work which is counted for making a full payment and the fear of getting fired .

Bohaag, Assam and Axomiya are all tied together to mark the colourful set up and the beautiful Axom, those stories full of the Luit and those Luitporiya people. Rongali and the cuckoo should share their love happenings and let the nature witness the most mesmerising duo of the earth. Let the soft breeze of spring touch the purity of every Axomiya again and let Rongali regain its original colours.



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