Biplovee Vivekananda

An exquisite play Biplovee Vivekananda under Samahar Natya Gosthee in
memory of Manabendra Bhattacharyya is planning to stage on the
occasion of the World Theatre Day at District Library Auditorium,
Guwahati today. The drama is written and directed by eminent
theatre personality Dr Sitanath Lahkar. Biplovee Vivekananda is based
on the ideology and philosophy of the great saint. The play, used
Vivekananda’s exact quotes, is an attempt to showcase the humanist in
its true spirit. It is an endeavour against the desperation of some
sections to project Vivekananda as a fundamental Hindu religious guru.
Lt. Manabendra Bhattacharyya is a senior journalist and a fine actor
who was involved in almost 50 productions of the group, both stage and
street, across the state. As a film actor, he enacted a prominent
character in the recently released Assamese feature film Aei Matitee.
The play will be a showcase as a dedication to his life.

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