At least 232 people died of drug abuse in Mizoram in five years since 2013. Most of the drugs were smuggled from Southeast Asian countries, especially Myanmar, while substantial quantity also entered from Bangladesh by plane. The State government of Mizoram is taking massive efforts to launch joint combat with civil bodies against the menace of drug abuse in the State.

According to officials of Excise & Narcotics department, over 1,460 people including 163 women have died due to drug abuse in 34 years since 1984, when the first drug-related death due to heroin was detected in the State. The main killer drug was Proxyvon/parvon spas, followed by heroin. Recently however, heroin replaced Proxyvon as the main killer drug.

According to records of the Excise and Narcotics department, at least 65 people, including 12 women, died due to substance abuse in the state last year. Of these, 28 people died due to heroin overdose while the rest died due to abuse of other narcotics. Civil bodies including the Young Mizo Association (YMA) are taking massive effort to curb the menace of drug abuse in the State.



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