In the wake of a Chinese instrumental infiltration inside Indian airspace in Arunachal Pradesh, several political leaders have sharply reacted on the matter.

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In an exclusive interview with INSIDENE, Arunachal State President of BJP Tapir Gao said that “If Chinese instrument had been formed inside Arunachal territory it’s a serious matters and the government of Arunachal Pradesh and the Police Department and all stakeholders are working on it and the instrument has been sent to the forensic lab. So it’s not a great threat to territory but finding a Chinese instrument inside Arunachal territory is a very big question. The department and the government is working on it how the instrument has reached into Arunachal territory. I can assure that there is no security threat on Arunachal Pradesh as a whole”.

On the other hand, Assam Rajya Sabha MP Biswajit Daimary said that “Several times I have been raising this question in Parliament about the situation of Arunachal Pradesh about the Indo-China border and there is a security problem in Arunachal and it’s a serious issue of Indian sovereignty also. I have mentioned several times about the suspicious hand of China and the aircraft and helicopter crash in Arunachal. We are all aware of the aircraft and chopper crash but as per my knowledge there is no such kind of problems for which any chopper or aircraft cannot fly above Arunachal Pradesh but maximum aircraft and chopper in Arunachal. So I have doubt that there link with China in these aircraft crash. So that should be investigated by our Indian intelligence agency and that is very necessary”.

Meanwhile, the Arunachal Pradesh government has ordered an enquiry into the matter after the incident was published in INSIDENE on February 22.

It may be mentioned that a Chinese instrument was retrieved by a team of police and forest department in Kamle district of Arunachal Pradesh on February 21.

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