The central government have stopped the supply of relief materials to the 6 Bru refugee camps at kanchanpur in Tripura. The 26 thousands reangs of the camp will get rice till 31st March. Central Government and the Bru Displacement forum members jointly have gone for this decision. It is to be mentioned here that the central Government have provided a fund of total 147 crore to rehabilitate the bru refugees from kanchanpur. Meanwhile the central government has also sanction the fund of Rs 7crore 90 lakhs for the repatriation. The Mizoram government has agreed to rehabilitate them in three districts the Mamith, Kolashib and Lungle. The decision was taken in meeting under 6 phases.
In 1997, a bout of ethnic violence forced thousands of people from the Bru tribe to leave their homes in Mizoram. An attempt at repatriation began in 2010 and some people even moved back. But 2017 was to be a landmark year. In December, the Mizoram government announced that it had identified 32,857 people belonging to 5,413 families for repatriation and the process would begin soon.

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